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Routine exercise is vital to a dog's health and well-being. Hiking Paws can help you maximize your dog's quality of life. Our adventures provide space to run, fresh air, playtime with other dogs, and of course lots of water and healthy treats. The result is a dog with a healthy mind and body. Our favorite saying is "A tired dog is a good dog!"

Hiking Paws specializes in taking dogs on off-leash group hikes in the woods. It is a pick-up and drop-off service that allows you the convenience of leaving your dog at home, but knowing that your dog will get a healthy dose of exercise while you're at work. Hiking Paws offers 1-hour off-leash group hikes with 6 to 8 other dogs so that they get plenty of playtime while exploring the outdoors.

Dog's senses are in a class of their own. When you or I walk through the forest, we might be aware of a few trees, the smell of fallen foliage, or the sounds of a few birds, but your dog... they are literally bombarded with millions of bits of sensory information. Those sensory stimulants, along with playing with other dogs, will give their brain (and body) the exercise they need.

Hiking Paws serves select areas of Franklin County, Massachusetts. Please contact us for details of our service area!

Increase their quality of life and longevity!
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